Welcome the RVIDXR KLVN

On a normal day I type in swedish so bare with me if the english have some flaws. To make it easier for you readers I’ll list all Twitters, Youtubes and mixtapes at the end. Okey that’s all.

Raider Klan is a klan of people who’ve had their hearts broken–been lied to, cheated on taken advantage of–and they were like, fuck this shit, I can’t take it anymore. The only people I’m gonna be loyal to are the people who’ve been there for me. Everybody else gets the cold shoulder. The black heart is what Raiders have. That’s why we wear black. You show people your weakness, and they’re gonna turn around and give you they ass to kiss. Our black shades represent the blindness–I don’t see them. The Raider hat is just to let a bitch know. Our uniform. We wear all black to represent our hearts.

Those were the words of the Miami producer/rapper Spaceghostpurrp in his interview with LA Weekly from May last year. Words about a clan, a movement who’s right now making a lot of noice in the Hip-Hop world. You might be able to spot them on Twitter, turning As into Vs, Es and Os into Xs. Well whats unique with the Rvidxr Klvn isn’t just the way they type, or that they have fans and rappers from coast to coast in America because when it comes to the klvn they’re all over the world(you’ll see). This is a takeover growing to say the least and I thought I would prepare all of you by introducting … The Klvn. A movement that isn’t really defined by a certain sound or lyrics, I would rather say that it’s the spirit of 90s Hip-Hop that they embody that makes them and their music what it is.

This is a vision that has been put togheter by the mysterious Spaceghostpurrp. As already mentioned he’s a producer and rapper from Miami, so thats were I’m going to start this of. Earlier this year he released his third mixtape called God Of Black Vol. 1, the first in a series of EPs and for being so young (20 years) he has already accomplished a lot. Though it wasn’t GoB that put SGP on the map, on his first mixtape the Nasa Tape we walk unboard his spaceship with Eazy-E tributes and Microsoft Pinball samples. Then we tuned into the Blackland Radio 66.6. On this release SGP let all of his inspirations, like DJ Screw and the dark Memphis funk from Three 6 Mafia early days mixed with samples from games such as Mortal Kombat, form one of 2011s best releases (the fifth according to Mishka Bloglin). Purrp has also become known for his rare chopped & screwed tapes that he drops every know and then.

With more and more liveshow coming up lately, as one with the klvn in Miami and another with Smoke DZA in New York. And music with the friend A$AP Rocky, the idol Juicy J and worldstar Wiz Khalifa we’ll be sure to hear a lot from SGP during 2012. Also you might see him on MTV soon …

Collecting the other rappers from the Florida Blacklands ain’t an easy task. Two rappers that have been along SGPs side for a long while now are Denzel Curry aka Raven Miyagi and Yung Simmie. Curry with one of the fastest flows in the klan released his mixtape King Of The Mischievous South Vol 1 in the beginning of the year. The tape featured production from SGP and rappers like Lil Ugly Mane. Yung Simmie, a rapper who keeps himself busy with new songs dropping on the regular, resurrected the G-Funk with his February release and got more to coming. Then we have Metro Zu, a collective of rappers and producer who have some amazing music, laced with smooth psychadelics and blistering trap, out there. But I’ll tell you more about them another day since they just have so much music and more coming up right now. So for now I leave you with their own acidtrip aka Youtube channel.

When it comes to upcoming releases from the Rvidxr Klvn in Florida we can soon expect Young Renegades No Emotion In Blvckland. Then there is Mike Dece who recently released the first tape from his and Metro Zu rapper Ruben Slickkks collaboration Propr Boys, the second tape called Pink Velvet will be released in April and Mike Dece soloeffort MCMXCVI[1996] will make it’s way onto the internet on March 30th. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that Mike and Curry got a collaboration with Danny Brown coming up, how about that?

As I said before Rvidxr Klvn isn’t just based out of Miami, they got rappers from coast to coast in USA. Two of them are in the picture above, Key Nyata from Seattle and Houstons own Amber London. Key, only 16 years old, shocked eveyone when his video for Get Fucked Up 1994 popped up out of nowhere on SGPs Youtube channel back in January. On this track lyrics are dropped over a classic Gangsta Pat beat and an outro that defines Rvidxr Klvn phonk. Since then Key has been busy preparing his upcoming release called Two Phonky, expect features from the rest other klvn members and others such as Lil Ugly Mane. He also got an upcoming collaboration with the established production duo Blue Sky Black Death, also from Seattle, that will be released during March.

Amber London made her debut on SGPs Youtube channel around the same time as Key Nyata. She ain’t the only female in the klvn but it’s safe to say that her style is one that you don’t see often these days. She is a fine example of a great female rapper that many should look upon. Her first mixtape Flight To London was released last year and she got more coming. One of her latest songs is from God Of Black Vol.1 called Low MF Key, a track that might go down as a classic one day. Purrp did the beat with some west coast whistles and southern chopped and screwed making it sound fresher then ever. Hopefully we’ll see more tracks like this one in the future. There have also been talks on Twitter about a Amber London x Dark Sister song, here is one hoping for that to happen.

Well the klvn wouldn’t be complete without members on the west coast would it? We have Eddy Baker, a rapper with a passion for that California weed, who together with Sky Lexington form the duo Baker n Lex. Baker is right now working with klvn member Curry and on an upcoming mixtape called Edibles with Lex doing the production. Members like Key Nyata and some of Bakers fellow Cali rappers will be featured on a tape that will be filled with trillwave. Another rvidxr that will be found on the tape is Aston Matthews. He dropped a mixtape of his own last summer featuring already mentioned Eddy Baker, the Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q, Vince Staples. and production from Jay Curry.

Then there are the affiliates, with the storm that is the klvn growing so does their affiliates. One that has been with them since Blvcklvnd 66.6 is the mysterious rapper Lil Ugly Mane. With those old school influenced instrumentals and an often down pitched voice he paints nightmares from the hood with his songs like a Freddy Kruger of rap. He has also made some tremendous coverart for the klvn that you can find on his Facebook. Other rappers who have been working a lot with Spaceghostpurrp and Metro Zu are Supa and Sortahuman, they were along with Main Attrakionz also featured on Blvcklvnd. Skip Rvge and The Pack member Stunnaman has also gone in over a beat by Purrp. Then there is the A$AP Mob from Harlem New York that I believe the most of you already have heard of. Purrp and Metro Zu have also done some bangers with Speakz. Some know him only as the man who wrote Kreayshawns hit Gucci Gucci. If so then get acquainted with a very good rapper by downloading his mixtape Inside Out Boy.

There has also been talk on Twitter about Curry and Purrp making something with the upcomer Robb Bank$. If you haven’t heard of him then check out the brilliant video for Counting, a song featuring Pokémon cards, smoke, dope lyrics and a Clams Casinos beat. And hey SGP, we’re all waiting for those collaborations with Asap Ty, Vince Staples, Project Pat and Lex Luger that we been hearing about?

So well I guess thats it, there you have the RVIDXR KLVN. I’ll end this by sharing some dark art from the klvn Goddesses XXXorsistaz from Western Cape, South Africa. And also the way I started it, with a quote from Spaceghostpurrp.

This Raider Klan shit is about to get serious. On some Michael Jackson shit, like how he took over the world.




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2 thoughts on “Welcome the RVIDXR KLVN

  1. PMOG skriver:

    FETT!!!! Dock att Amber London nu släppt ännu ett mixtape, ”Purple Cocaine”. Har lagt upp det här; http://pussymadeofgold.blogspot.com/2012/02/hej-amber-london.html

    Men fet post, nu har jag massor att lyssna igenom!


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